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Hübsch interior aim to inspire you with high quality products that can show you how to express your personal style in new ways. Since 2010, Hübsch has been regarded as one of the leading Scandinavian home interior brands. Their impact on the environment is considered as important as their creativity and they are able to maintain core company values through Hübsch Care.

Happiness, Openness, Responsibility and Community is a key focus for Hübsch and influences everything they do. Whilst as a company they are aware they're not quite saving the world, they recognise their responsibility to find new and better ways of designing and developing products, continuously focusing on approved and sustainable materials, placing high demands on themselves and their partners in terms of fair and healthy working conditions and supporting their local communities.

Hubsch recognises that everything they do has as a design company has an impact on the environment and aims to have only OEKO-TEX® certified textile products by 2022. Products certified with OEKO-TEX® ensures that these textiles do not contain any toxic or allergic substances. In 2020, Hubsch began a journey with the process of implementing FSC certified wood in all wood products. All new designs and reproduction of existing designs will be produced with FSC certified wood, and in time their stock will be cleared of all non-certified wood.

With a range from Hubsch interior that includes everything from a practical Hubsch shelf to a Hubsch cushion, we have carefully selected the best from their design collection here at Mon Pote.

"We know that we are not saving the world, but try to do better, day by day, to reduce our ecological footprint and to be proud of what we do. We call this Hübsch Care, well because, we do. We care about tomorrow, today"

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