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Aykasa crates are perfect for storage.  If you are looking for a plastic storage crate, then look no further than the Aykasa mini or Aykasa midi collapsible and stackable plastic crates.

Heavy duty and food safety approved, these small or medium sized Aykasa crates for storage are made from eco friendly 100% recyclable material and are perfect for use as small crate storage to keep the odds and ends of your home at bay or for much larger storage use within cupboards or on your shelves, although you won’t want to hide them away with their beautiful range of coloured plastic crates to choose from.

“Aykasa Folding Crates are designed for creative home organizing and storage. Different size alternatives for your proper functional use and different color alternatives for your aesthetic pleasure... When you are not actively using the folding crates, you can fold and save space. They are superimposable and very durable under high load. You can use at home, office, outdoor, car, warehouse and anywhere you imagine!”
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