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A Warm and Friendly Homeware Shop in Bristol

Mon Pote was started by Anna in 2015. Newly a home owner in Bristol, I wanted to discover somewhere I could shop for affordable but well-designed and unusual home accessories to put my own stamp on my home. As a first time home owner, furniture came second hand or from Ikea or the budget mass producing websites. I wanted to use accessories to give my home a unique personality. What better way to find the products I wanted than to open my own home accessories shop, right here in Bristol.

Mon Pote means my friend in French as I wanted the shop to feel friendly and accessible. Decorating your home can come with huge snobbery and "dos and don'ts" or a feeling that everyone else is judging your taste. It shouldn't be like that - your home is is a reflection of you and anything goes!

The shop is welcoming and friendly and staff prioritise a good customer experience and we hope to offer something for everyone. Not only that, a wide range of products are displayed in a way that customers are guided how to style them in different environments.

I am drawn to a lot of Scandinavian homewares and the shop is full of Scandinavian homeware brands such as House Doctor, Hubsch, IB Laursen, Meraki soap, Bungalow, Stromshaga, Wikholm Form - all hailing form either Sweden or Denmark. These brands produce beautiful, thoughtful home accessories with an eye to nature, social responsibility and their impact on the environment. All of these elements are key to Scandinavian culture and coupled with the wonderful designs and products these companies create, we can't think of anyone better to partner with.

Of course you won't just find Scandinavian home accessories in the Bristol shop. We also stock a range of complementary items- beautiful skincare and bathing, home fragrance, jewellery and accessories, greeting cards and some small furniture items. We try to get as much as we can made locally or in the UK. Parents can also find a colourful section for kids.

If you cannot make it to our Bristol shop, you can of course explore our curated collections online but if you’re visiting Bristol, be sure to pop in for a visit to our North Street Shop for a browse, meet our friendly team and find out more about the brands we stock at Mon Pote.


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