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Bookspeed books are the best! Founded in 1986 by Annie Rhodes and Kingsley Dawson. Bookspeed came from its founders experience of book distribution within a co-op that offered sales, marketing, and distribution for the wealth of feminist, radical, green, and LGBT publishers that had evolved throughout the preceding decade. The co-op disbanded in 1986 and they decided to make the move north to Edinburgh to take over the premises. Shortly after, Bookspeed was born!

With longstanding members of their team of book speeders, Annie and Kingsley have an expanding team and provide a place of work where people are comfortable and free from prejudice and fear, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religious beliefs.

“What we do, which at a fundamental level is to help retailers sell books, is something that I really care about. Getting books into the hands of readers, and specifically those who might not go into a bookshop or consider themselves “readers”, I think is really important. Finding the right book for someone can genuinely change their life.”
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