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Glass Mushroom Lamps and LED Mushroom Lamps

Choosing a Mushroom Lamp

If you are after some seriously cool lighting for your home, our glass mushroom lamps are perfect.  We stock three styles, a large plug in mushroom lamp and two smaller battery operated LED lights.  The larger size mushroom is inspired by traditional Murano glass lamps and can be used on the bedside table or coffee table, or anywhere you like - it's your home!  The smaller LED lamps can be used where you have a shelf or table but no power source, or even take them out into the garden, balcony or use in your camping set up. You may end up with a mushroom lamp in every room!

Why we love them

The beautiful mushroom shape is so pretty and the LED lamps are particularly versatile.  We love all the striking colours, particularly the tortoiseshell patterned lamps. As well as being a hit with our staff, they are loved by customers so much that we can't keep them in stock!  Just be careful if you are using the LED mushroom lamps outside as the striking colourful effect comes from the pretty but breakable glass they are made from. 

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