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Mon Pote Everyday

A soothing collection of everyday homeware essentials.  Those useful daily kitchen items that you need lots of, that need to be lasting quality and that come at an affordable price.  Your reliable kitchen staples that you turn to time and again.  

The Mon Pote Every Day range was born from Anna's realisation that despite owning a homeware shop on North Street serving the whole of Bristol, the stock range didn't include a decent range of basic homeware items.  Lots of beautiful vases, design-led cushions but what happens when you just need some cereal bowls?  

Every Day includes beautiful but simple porcelain bowls, mugs, jugs and a beautiful white porcelain teapot.  It is also presently geared towards the summer and living outside - think affordable enamelware, striped and durable Hamman towels that can squash into hand luggage or live in your bag for a picnic or to sit or lie on in the park.  We've even included simple stripy folding chairs for holidays, beach days and sports days.  We hope you love the Everyday range as much as we do and it's pieces will be in your lives for years to come.

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