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Stella Andromeda

Stella Andromeda zodiac books are beautifully designed and contain a wealth of astrological information,  Stella Andromeda has been studying astrology and other esoteric arts, including the Tarot, for over 30 years, believing that a knowledge of the constellations of the skies and their potential for psychological interpretation can be a useful tool.  Stella Andromeda zodiac books include all of the star signs - buy them for yourself or friends on their birthdays and find out if Aquarius is compatible with Scorpio and which star signs are best avoided by Taurus!
In this series of zodiac books, Stella Andromeda has written about all of the different star signs and communicates the different traits in a fun and concise way. Learn more about your zodiac sign through these key insights or gift these useful little books to anyone who is forever reading their star signs.
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