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Sustainability Series: Hübsch Interiors


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In a world where both brands and consumers alike are increasingly and quite rightly concerned about the effects of our buying habits and how this is impacting on the environment at a growing rate, we decided to take the time to sit down with three of our favourite suppliers who we feel are making great steps towards change, through a series of blogs focused on sustainability. For our first Q&A, we have spoken to Hübsch Interior's Julie Holst to find out more about the Danish interior company's plans for reducing their ecological footprint.

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Delightful Danish brand Hübsch Interiors have graced our shelves for a few years now and it's always a pleasure to find that each and every collection is still a carefully curated selection of joyful homewares that's filled to the brim with well considered design-led goods. We were nicely surprised to hear about their Hübsch Care Plan too and to see how their core values have influenced the current collection as well as future collections to come.

Happiness, Openness, Responsibility and Community is a key focus for Hübsch and influences everything they do. Whilst as a company they are aware they're not quite saving the world, they recognise their responsibility to find new and better ways of designing and developing products, continuously focusing on approved and sustainable materials, placing high demands on themselves and their partners in terms of fair and healthy working conditions and supporting their local communities.

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Our Q&A with Hübsch Interior's Julie Holst

What inspired the launch of Hübsch Care?

For many years, we have focused on how to be more sustainable and socially responsible - it is part of our DNA. It has mainly been independent initiatives with focus on sustainability. In 2020, we then began the long process of being FSC® certified, which is a very big part of Hübsch Care. This process made us rethink many of the different initiatives, we already had going on, and we decided to unify these under one umbrella term - Hübsch Care.

Can you tell us more about the traceable materials sourced within Hübsch's collections?

The primary traceable material is FSC® certified wood. The main part of our wooden products are made from oak wood, but we also have ash and walnut wood in the collection. It means that the wood used in these products is harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. Furthermore, we are implementing Oeko-Tex® certification in all textiles, and our lifestyle series is certified by Ecocert®.

How do you think the impact on environment might have changed a Hübsch customer's buying habits?

The customers are more focused on the environment, and they are more conscious in their buying habits. Customers still focus on aesthetics, but sustainability is a dimension that becomes increasingly important in the buying decision. There is still some lack in the knowledge about sustainable choices, and we see it as part of our task as a brand to educate our customers about this.

What are Hübsch's hopes for improving on their sustainability in the future?

We know that we are not saving the world, but try to do better, day by day, to reduce our ecological footprint and to be proud of what we do. All new designs and reproduction of existing designs is produced with FSC® certified wood, and we aim to have only Oeko-Tex® certified textile products by 2022. We have recently assembled an internal Hübsch Care Workgroup whose responsibility is to create new initiatives to increase the sustainability in all areas at Hübsch.

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