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Mon Pote Meets - Claire Hill, Interior Designer

Talking all things design in the home with Interior Designer Claire Hill...

We meet with Bristol based interior designer Claire Hill, founder of @hill.home.design_ . We talked about her journey in to design, her love for putting an interior scheme together and what projects are currently in the pipeline and what she's coveting in the current world of home decor.

woman smiling sat in an arm chair
Image courtesy of Claire Hill, Hill Home design

'Being a kid of the 90's I loved watching changing rooms and the combination of having an artist background and my own home to decorate I found Interior Design!'

How did you come to start Hill Home Design and how has the journey been?

My journey into a creative field has been a lifelong one. I was that kid who never stopped drawing, cutting out and crafting but after studying Fine Art my life took a 180 and decided to train to be a Physio! After many years of doing that job the desire to do something creative again took over. Being a kid of the 90's I loved watching changing rooms and the combination of having an artist background and my own home to decorate I found Interior Design! The business started on Instagram with people asking for help or if I would design their space and at first it was a hard no! But in time I warmed to the idea and re-trained with KLC school of design to get the necessary background knowledge in design principals and computer software required to undertake client projects. I started small with single room projects and virtual design but now I take on larger projects designing whole homes as they are being renovated. I'm so glad I took the plunge and re-trained as I really feel I'm in a job that I love and obsess over and get to be a part of someone's home design journey. I don't think there's a better thing you can give someone than a home they can truly relax in.

a living room in a house with a sofa with white pillows and cream throw
Claire's calming living room in her Bristol home.

What are you currently working on and what projects are in the pipeline ?

Work is quite busy at the moment! I'm working on 2 Bristol renovation projects doing the Interior Design of the kitchens, dining areas and living spaces. One is more of a build and extension and the other is a single wall coming down to open up the space. Both families have children so storage is really key for them and they both want homes they can relax and entertain in. I'm also working on some single room projects as well and a colour/furniture consultation in The Netherlands (no site visit unfortunately) I'm also coming to the end of a 3-room project in Shrewsbury and we're rather excitingly at the point where we can see it coming together and really get a sense of how it will look. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome and getting it photographed.

an image of a modern domestic kitchen the cupboards are painted olive green and the island has a gold panel. the floor is tiled with rustic stone
Devol inspired kitchen where rustic materials meet contemporary painted cabinets in olive green and warming gold accents to compliment the original flagstone floor.

'I appreciate real-life shops - long live the high street!'

You mentioned that the hardest thing for you is picking cushions, why is that and is there anything else you find challenging?

The hardest thing about design for me is picking accessories online. It's so much easier to go and see and touch things in person to really appreciate the colour and scale and whether it fits with the other choices in the room. This is why I appreciate Mon Pote and real-life shops - long live the high street! I'm forever with a bag full of different client paint swatches and fabrics so that if I stumble upon a glorious cushion somewhere I'll be able to check colours and see if it matches. I honestly can't help myself and take inspiration from everywhere I go.

Bristol Georgian townhouse bathroom design image courtesy of Hill Home Design

What tips would you give someone who is considering using an interior designer? 

Hire early. Hire me when you hire the architect or the building firm. It can be hard to come in to a project late when decisions have been made - I don't like to tread on anyone's toes! Have a plan on what you want doing and a list of everything you want changing and everything you want to keep and which design styles you like so I can best assist you. I get this can be daunting which is why if you want to have a quick chat I do totally free discovery calls where I can answer questions and you can tell me more about the project. These can be booked here

We loved your blog post about Mon Pote - which other local Bristol shops do you source from, particularly in the Redland area where you live?

I live just round the corner from The Bristol Artisan which is another little delight selling artisan homewares then there's the joy of Gloucester Road nearby with it's array of independent shops some faves are Wild Leaf for all your plant needs and Reason Interiors. Over in Clifton there's Maze Home and The Pod Company - some of which sell gifts too but there are definitely cute homewares and art to be snapped up in there. It's also showroom central in this part of Bristol so it makes it easy for me to see bigger items I'm going to specify and go and chat to the supplier and make sure it's the right thing for the client.

Image Credit: The Bristol Artisan 
image credit: Bristol Artisan

What is your latest homeware treat for your own home?

Ohhh that has to be some art I picked up at a local street party one is a nude bottom watercolour and the other is of a lady in her jammys doing her teeth. I like art with people in it the most and am partial to a nude on the wall! I buy a lot of art but often fail to get it framed properly and end up displaying them on shelves leaning on walls etc - I must get better at this!

What are your favourite Mon Pote products at the moment?

For me it's anything with a stripe and gorgeous large wall art showing people wearing stripes - I have this thing about people in my artwork wearing stripes. I didn't even plan it but one day I noticed they all do. Red is having a bit of a moment and I love the art of Sofia Lind AND she's wearing stripes so couldn't be more perfect. I also love the Agna striped plant pot - totally my typical muted colour way, plus it has a gloss finish. It would look perfect on a built-in alcove shelf, adding a bit of height which is totally key for achieving that perfect 'shelfie' design.

If you are looking to looking to hire an interior designer and would like to see more of Claire's work head over to and book a free discovery call you can also connect via Instagram; @hill.home.design_

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