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Art Prints to Adorn Your Walls and Don't Forget a Handmade Frame

Meet our new brand Poster & Frame

Poster & Frame is an art print collective with roots in Scandinavia.  They make beautiful art prints and the best quality handmade solid wood frames.

As we have grown our art print offering over the last few years (new shop in 2020 = much more wall space for art walls!) we searched around to find a supplier of not just beautiful art prints, but also beautifully made frames.  Poster & Frame was the answer.  As well as a range of their unique art prints, we also stock a  range of their handmade solid wood frames in light or dark wood, or even painted with colour, to ensure you have the option of taking home art work that is ready to hang.  Already have a frame?  No problem, just buy the print!

At Mon Pote, all of our suppliers are selected not only for the great design and quality of their products but also for the impact that creating those products has on the planet and its people.   Poster & Frame certainly meets all of our requirements for us, read on to find out how.

The way Poster & Frame works is that they carefully select independent artists and photographers from around the world, hand-picking each piece of art and ensuring that you get a unique print for your home.  That way the artists get far more exposure to more customers than they would if they were operating alone.  

Poster & Frame does not hold stock of art work, each piece is created in response to order which means that nothing is over produced or goes to waste.  This keeps paper consumption low and sustainability high.

Our customers can choose their art print in the size they require and if they wish, add a frame.  Again, not selling complete work unless it is required, and giving customers choice ensures a reduction in waste.

I have an art print, I need a handmade solid wood frame

The team behind Poster & Frame has developed a range of handmade solid wood frames of the best quality on the market - directly from Italy. You will find detailed wooden frames in dark and light oak, as well as in colors such as green, pink and purple.  Why not have fun with your gallery wall and add coloured frames to your prints, or co-ordinate your art with the rest of your decor.

Female Artists Leading The Way: Hanna Peterson, Sofia Lind and Anine Cecilie Iversen

If you have scrolled Instagram or Pinterest at any time since 2020 you have probably passed (or stopped at) a home featuring a print by one of these successful female artists.  All hailing from Scandinavia, these artisits have had significant commercial success as their art captures the imagination of many interior lovers.  

While very different in style, they all use bold abstracts and colour to give an unusual take on the everyday.  Sofia Lind is particularly well known for her abstract representation of women, usually in bold stripes and pensive mood, which are adorning the walls of so many homes right now.  Still Waiting is a particularly pretty example of this with its delicate light red stripe.  

Anine Cecile Iverson also uses abstract stripes in her work but often in the context of bright and colourful florals like her gorgeous Tulips art print.

Using the abstract female formlike Sofia Lind, Hanna Peterson's work is bolder with strong use of colour.  Her use of deep blues in her The Togo  and strong but feminine peachy pinks in Serene Stripes

means that you can add something really striking to your walls.


Introducing La Poire 

As well as beautiful florals, Anine Cecile Iverson paints a stunning range of whimsical abstract women, going about their daily lives under the name of her studio La Poire.  These pretty paintings have been reproduced by Poster & Frame as gorgeous art prints.  They pair so well with colourful frames like our solid wood green painted frame.

We carry the La Poire prints in A3 sizes but also in the perfect gift size mini print.  

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