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Devonshire Charcoal and Bentonite Purging Mask

Devonshire Charcoal and Bentonite Purging Mask

Holy Water
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A few essentials

  • Holy Water Devonshire Charcoal and Bentonite Purging Mask
  • Leave on for 8-12 minutes
  • Good for problematic/Oily/Cystic Skin
  • Not good for sensitive skin
  • Birch, hazel, willow and ash
  • Smells like a Eucalyptus Forest
  • Made locally in Bath
  • Vegan/cruelty free/tested on humans/sustainably


It's all in the details

This super potent charcoal mask is made using local crafted Devon charcoal made with Birch, hazel, willow and ash. Powerfully detoxing, we don’t recommend using this on sensitive skin as it can cause a slight tingling sensation. Bentonite clay purges the pores, while Wild Oregano and Tea tree essential oils kill harmful bacteria and banish oiliness- leaving the skin detoxed and balanced.  Holy Water Apothecary are based locally in Bath.  

Mon Pote's Take on This

I always try to fit in at least one "spa-bath" each week, often on a Wednesday night.  Don't worry I do shower on the other days!  All you need is a steaming bath tub, candles, bath salts, a face mask and a good book.  Half an hour of me time surrounded by as many good smells as I can fit in.  This Holy Water Devonshire Charcoal and Bentonite Purging Mask is perfect if you have problematic skin - but not recomended for sensitive skin as it cna cause tingles! The packaging is gorgeous too, it looks amazing on the shelf.