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Playful Walls

Wall Decorations and Prints

Some have said that the gallery wall is dead, no offence to anyone who has them, because they’ll always have a special place in our hearts. But if you’re looking to keep things fresh in 2022. Why not embrace the trend of playful wall decoration.

Yes, prints and photographs are still very much in the ‘renovation’ of the modern gallery wall - but, instead it’s about getting creative with space and decoration. For example, using shelving single or multiple shelves, or create art ledges to create a gallery wall depending on art work size and the impact you want the works to have.

You could also try create cosy cubby’s using a mix of prints, foliage and textiles wall decoration to create a sensory statement area, such as a plant wall. For example why not create a series of hanging baskets for display baskets or plates to create a centrepiece above your sofa or bed, or try hanging some prints along side macramé piece or mounted wooden sculptures or materials. 
Triptych is back - sometimes less can be more, and with Scandi minimalism in mind, we couldn’t agree more. Why not hand three prints together, or create some add texture to your wall by hanging some of our wall fans. 
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