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Keep the Energy Bills Down

Ideas to help keep the energy bills down this Winter can include using candlelight when resting or watching television in the evening - do you need the electric lights on too?  OF course we recommend stronger than candlelight for reading so this idea for keeping the energy bills down is definitely activity permitting.   But if you are hanging out with family and friends: eating; resting; playing cards or sitting around the fire we recommend trying candlelight instead of electric lights or lamps.  How much nicer is the ambience?

Keep warm and keep the energy bills down by using throws and quilts.  Using extra throws, quilts and blankets on beds means that you can adjust the temperature so much more effectively through the night by shedding layers.  Keep a throw or quilt  handy in the living room for covering your knees or placing over your shoulders.  Working from home can especially be a cause for thinking of ways to keep the energy bills down as you spend so much time sitting.  Use a quilt across the shoulders to keep you toasty.

We hope that this collection of candles, recycled cotton throws and vintage style quilts will give you some ideas for keeping the energy bills down this winter.  The blankets and quilts are a great investment as they can be used year after year and repurposed in summer as picnic blankets or used outside to lengthen a summer evening.  Who needs central heating! 

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