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Basket Basket

The processes and purpose behind these beautifully made baskets and artisan homewares from Basket Basket in Morocco, centre around sustainable products and eco friendly living.

Using leaves from doum palm trees that line valleys and riverbeds (the trees are an essential source of income providing dates, which is a growing export product for Morocco, as well as helping prevent soil erosion from the strong desert winds) and leather handles that are a by-product from meat production, twine for sewing the handles is pulled through bee’s wax to make for smoother stitches through the leather and palm leaves which makes for added strength but has the advantage of not going rusty in a damp climate, unlike metal rivets.

Handwoven and finished by seamstresses near Casablanca, depending on the size, each woven basket can take up to 3-4 hours to craft making these quirky and unusual homewares and accessories for you and your home.

"Our wish is to make our supply chain transparent and fully traceable to our customers. There are many people involved in each country - those that collect the palm or grass, those that weave, those that sew on handles and decorations, and so on - most work from their homes or villages, no factory work is involved."

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