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Nordic Inspired Art


paper collective the poster club Mon Pote gallery wall figurative bold graphic female form art print


The arrival of new prints has been the loveliest distraction in store this week. It's been a joy styling and photographing something new as I'm really feeling the need to focus on something fresh - hurry up spring!

I've selected 13 new designs and we've welcomed two old favourites back to our walls, all from Denmark based print producers Paper Collective and The Poster Club

I love the ethos behind both of these brands, with Paper Collective's iconic graphic prints and promotion of great causes and charities (currently they're building a school in rural Nepal for several hundred children, supported by the Paper Collective cause) and The Poster Club's emporium of exclusive art prints, that supports both upcoming and established artists.

All of the prints are produced on high quality art paper. Many designs are also available in optional sizes and we've left everything unframed for you to display them in your own way. The print quality is especially lovely on my favourite piece, 'Little Detroit Leaves 01' and really does need to be seen, to be appreciated.

I hope you enjoy browsing the new collection and finding some inspiration for those walls - goodness knows we've been staring at them for long enough!


Anna and the team

paper collective print club nordic inspired art prints
Impossible Island by Hanna Peterson black and white abstract art print bold graphic the poster club Studio Paradissi Veins 01 the poster club art print ceramic abstract neutral palette contemporary
Tiny Stories Lilac Intimacy the poster club art print female figure lilac and yellow

I adore the colour composition of the Tiny Stories Lilac Intimacy print. The lilac and yellow are so fresh together and will off set a neutral or grey toned room perfectly, working well with beige's and light greys especially.  While the colours of this print may mean that it is not everyone's cup of tea, we believe that in choosing interiors, there are no rights and wrongs - if you love it, go for it! This will add some depth and interest to your gallery wall and will style beautifully with our purple fluted vase from Hubsch.
We are One for Paper Collective face art print wall decorationSolid Shapes 01 from Paper Collective 30 x 40cm or 50 x 70 cm bold black graphic shapes solid curved art print
gallery wall art print wall decoration poster club paper collective Mon Pote
Little Detroit Leaves 01 the poster club beige neutral black leaf print art
The Little Detroit Leaves 01 Print has long been a favourite of mine. I've seen it featured in a lot of lovely interiors on Instagram but I still feel like it's selected by only the most stylish home owners, so it isn't over exposed like some prints. Definitely one to keep rather than a fad!
Composition 01 from The Paper Collective Sizes 30 x 40 cm or 50 x 70 cm abstract paintbrush green white black Burgundy art printSolid Shapes 02 from Paper Collective 30 x 40cm or 50 x 70 cm red black white solid shapes abstract art print Mon Pote
paper collective the poster club neutral beige abstract art print Mon Pote
Serious Dreamer from Paper Collective 30 x 40 cm or 50 x 70 cm art print face painted abstract Babylon Buket by Hanna Peterson the poster club blue floral neutral art print
Studio Paradissi Pottery 06 the poster club ceramic naive art print neutral pinkComposition 02 from The Paper Collective Sizes 30 x 40 cm or 50 x 70 cm green pink black art print abstract solid shapes brush mark
gallery wall Mon Pote art prints paper collective danish Scandinavian art bold abstract contemporary
back in stock paper collective Gentil from Paper Collective till Life 04 Hydrangea photograph
We couldn't resist bringing both the Gentil and Still Life 04 prints back to the store. Favourites amongst our customers and staff alike, they're now back and bringing some much needed elevation to our wall space.

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