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Moving house? Fragrances to make you feel at home, instantly.


meraki reed diffuser bottle with vivid shades scent home fragrance

Moving House with Papernest

 We've gathered our favourite scents from the likes of Meraki, Loop and Earl of East - a must-have for creating an inviting space amidst the chaos of moving home (particularly during pandemic times). Papernest - a platform dedicated to helping people move, offer their tips for minimising the stress of managing any paperwork when moving, with advice on how to get everything settled in your new home.

Handy Tips from Papernest

Need to switch plans? Have your contracts in order 
When you move, you need to make sure your contracts are moving with you. Figure of speech, obviously. 
 The experts at Switch Plan advise to set up all disconnections of energy for the day you move out of your current location, so that you don’t have to pay for the energy you won’t use.
 A lot of people see moving as the right occasion to reevaluate their energy consumption and therefore, their contract with their suppliers. Most people actually pay way more than what they should, simply because they do not subscribe to the right supplier and/or the right offer.
 Switching suppliers is not as energy consuming as you might think (pun intended).
At Switch Plan, experts will help you evaluate your consumption and find the right supplier for you, among the dozens of suppliers in the UK market.


Moving to a new house?

Moving house is a big deal and often one of life’s biggest milestones. If moving is the trigger to switching energy suppliers, often the reason for switching has been there for a while.

Among them, we can find: 

- You feel like you are paying too much
- You have a strong social conscience and feel like a green supplier is the better choice
- You are not satisfied with your supplier's after sale service

At Switch Plan, experts will help you evaluate your consumption and make sure you have gas and electricity as you arrive in your new home. They will: Evaluate your energy consumption - Compare the UK suppliers and analyse them - Help tailor the right offer according to your consumption habits You don’t have to worry about time consuming phone calls to switch plans, as professionals will do it for you. You can read more about switching energy suppliers in this article.


How do I make my new home feel like home?

You’re in your new home, you have your contracts in order, gas and electricity are working. Yet… you feel like something is not quite right. You figure it’s fine, it takes time to get used to a new place, a new neighbourhood, a new building and/or new neighbours. 

What you might not think of is, there’s actually something you could do to make it better! 

It’s been scientifically proven that smells can relieve some positive emotions and create an enjoyable environment. People usually associate smells with memories. 

Scented candles have had positive effects on new moves for decades. Picking a smell that speaks to you is strongly advised, like a smell which reminds you of a happy time or a happy place. 

The great thing about scented candles is that you don’t actually have to have them lit all the time to smell them. They let out a natural smell which will have the room you put them in embedded with that smell in a matter of minutes. 

Lighting them obviously makes that smell stronger and gives your room, living room, bedroom window, a sense of harmony and peace.

Your brain will associate the smell with someplace happy and you will feel relaxed. This is how you can help make your new house your new home.


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