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Meraki Hand Soaps and Candles - Our Danish Skin Care and Fragrance Offering

Meraki Hand Soaps

Our beloved Meraki hand soaps and candles are back in stock!  Meraki hand soaps and scented candles have been a long standing favourite with our customers since the early days of the shop. The hand soaps turn daily routines into moments of luxury. Meraki soaps and skincare products are made of gentle and nourishing ingredients, carefully selected for their positive qualities, proven effects, and natural fragrances.

Meraki is designed and developed in Denmark, and the products are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and created with love and respect for nature.  Meraki fits perfectly into our shop which is evocative of a Scandinavian inspired home.

The packaging of Meraki soaps and candles is subtle and sophisticated, the bottles and glass candle holders are either green or amber which add a touch of elegance to the home and bathroom.  We love the all natural ingredients of Meraki soaps and candles.

The Meraki soaps come in a wide range which means you are sure to find something that you love.  Whether the spicy, herbal fragrance of Harvest Moon hand soap and body wash or the sweeter, citrus fragrance of Northern Dawn we don't think that you will be disappointed.  We also stock body washes and hand and body lotions to complement these hand soaps and complete your luxury hand and skincare experience.

Meraki Candles and Reed Diffusers

Meraki Candles fill your home with beautiful fragrance and come in two sizes.  The glow of the candles creates atmosphere and relaly helps you relax at home in the long winter evenings.  If you prefer to smell Meraki scents all the time but without the flame, Meraki reed diffusers come in Scandinavian Garden, Nordic Pine and Sandcastles and Sunsets.  These 150 ml diffusers come in attractive brown glass bottles, reducing the impact on the environment.  

If you are looking for a larger size reed diffuser from Meraki, try the Meraki Timber Haze Reed Diffuser or the Meraki Verbena Drizzle Reed Diffuser.  The larger 250ml reed diffusers are presented in clear glass bottles, off set by pretty dried flowers among the reeds.  The Verbena drizzle diffuser smells gently of fragrant citrusy Verbena after rain, when the smell of the garden is that much stronger.

Meraki Haircare

We recently added Meraki haircare to our Meraki soap and candle offering.  We stock organic volumising shampoo and conditioner.  Or if your hair needs extra nourishment, why not try the Meraki moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

We also stock a gentle Meraki shampoo for babies which you can be sure is free of any nasties and perfectly organic for your little one's hair and scalp.

For those who style their hair, you have not been forgotten - Meraki provides a range of hair styling products.  A favourite of ours is the sea salt spray, which adds the same sort of texture you experience from a day at the beach.

If your hair is feeling a bit exhausted we swear by the Meraki hair mask for a deep conditioning treatment very now and then.  For regular conditioning, we really recommend trying the Meraki hair serum to help tame those fly away ends between trips to the hair dressers.  Especially in the summer and winter when intense sun and intense central heating can really impact negatively on the hair.

Meraki Bathroom Accessories

Not only does Meraki provide an amazing range of hand soaps and home fragrance, we also love their bathroom accessories: bath mits full of soft, fragrant organic soap; enamel basins for the perfect facial steam; Meraki relaxation pillows for the perfect unwinding tool; and Meraki bottle hangers for displaying your hand soaps and lotions and keeping them off the shower floor and the side of the sink.  The perfect way to keep your bathroom tidy!

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