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Maximalism Vs Minimalism interiors

Which interior style do you choose to decorate your home? 

With the change in season as we enter Spring, comes a change in attitude towards interior design trends - so, let's talk home decorations for spring. As you may well know, we here at Mon Pote love all things Scandi inspired for our homewares, which normally entails a touch of minimalism with warm cosy vibes which needs careful consideration when decorating your home for spring, and we're here to help. That being said, if you've visited us in our North Street Store - you'll know we have an array of bright colours and products with unique and fun designs - very in keeping for spring interior trends 2022. Anna, our lovely store owner, likes to curate a variety of interior styles in the shop, catering for a wide audience while still offering quality products, perfect for spring interior decorating. She believes when it comes to interior style "there's no right and wrong" and "we all have a mix and match of styles in our home", and she wants that to be reflected in the shop too.  

Spring decor trends - so, whether you're team minimalism or team maximalism for your interiors, why not read some of our styling tips... 

Minimalism interior tips -

Wanting to create a modern minimalist house interior style in your home? Well, it goes without saying that decorating for minimalism interiors means stripping down your decor and bringing it back to the basics. So, you might try the 'less is more' approach, but it's a great opportunity to declutter! We also recommend using muted colours and plain walls to create the feeling of a clean space. When considering decorating your interiors in a minimalist style, why not work with accent shapes to break up the space - for example using some of our angular vases.

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How to decorate in a maximalist interior design

Maximalist interiors are associated with 'more is more' and using a variety of layering and mixing of styles, patterns and influences. We suggest experimenting with different patterns and textures within the same colour palette, for example, different shades of orange, to create a busier feel. It's crucial to make sure that almost every area of the space is decorated to create a bold feel! 

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