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Wowe Soft Rug From House Doctor 90cm x 200cm

House Doctor
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A few essentials

  • House Doctor
  • Wowe Soft Woven Rug
  • Soft rug woven from cotton
  • Spot clean with water
  • Do not dry clean
  • Medium Size 90cm x 200cm
  • Please note: The finish and colour of this product might vary.  

A few essentials

Living areas can be totally transformed by adding rugs and we love handwoven rugs  particulalry for addinf texture and unique style.  With an intricate and not least intruiging pattern, the wowe will grab the attention of your guests. The light brown and beige colour of the rug pulls the pattern in a calmer direction and gives it a contemporary touch.  This cotton rug is durable yet light and the beige thread adds depth and extra softness. Thick fringes complete the look. 

House Doctor is a Danish interiors company who believes they can help you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your home. House Doctor combines Scandinavian design with a hint of cosy bohemian style. Their product range includes a variety of Danish home accessories and furniture in a wealth of colour and textures. All House Doctor products are designed in-house and reflect the personality of the House Doctor brand. House Doctor believes that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them.

Mon Pote’s take on this 

Add a unique rug to your home to create a Scandinavian element to your home design.  We love the Wowe rug for it's  charming pattern, large size, beautiful texture and softness underfoot.