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Original Home

Original Home Company started in 2013 as an exporter of furniture and home decoration accessories from Indonesia. Fast forward to today and they are now a community of independent professionals who put their passion and expertise towards a social cause. They do this by building an eco-design brand that supports an ethical and sustainable business model and contributes to a better distribution of wealth in the global home decoration industry.

Their philosophy is best described as: Eco Design = Earth + People Friendly. From the raw materials used to make the their products, to the way in which the products themselves are manufactured, OH use natural, renewable, recycled or easily biodegradable materials in every aspect of their company and put time, money and effort to constantly improve their processes. They believe that home decoration that is made of natural sustainable material has more texture, is more original, has more value and will inspire you more.

OH are also committed to trading fairly, working with suppliers who are Fair Trade, WFTO/ EKOTA, certified (or in process) or fit their social sustainability profile. They believe in bringing jobs to people who live in more remote and rural areas and do not have access to jobs with low barriers for entry. Championing craftsmanship with handmade products that are ethically sourced.

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