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IB Laursen

Travel and flea markets have inspired IB Laursen's home furnishing collections and instantly create a cosy and homely feel to your home with their in-house designed home accessories. Founded in 1971, they have since been curating their Nordic collections from Denmark's oldest town of Ribe. We particularly love the French vintage feel of an IB Laursen quilt or how an IB Laursen mirror can really change the shape of a room with their sustainable use of bamboo or wicker edgings.

Romantic, quite often with a rustic feel IB Laursen's products are easily combined with a mix of more contemporary homewares and sit well with a utilitarian look or hark back to a more vintage feel if you prefer that eclectic, more maximalist look. Perfect for those who opt for a boho decor or farmhouse look but with a modern home interior feel.

"Ib Laursen designs and sells home and garden decor, matching the Nordic design tradition, to retailers all over the world. Our product range is wide and offers a great number of possibilities in creating a unique and cosy atmosphere, both inside and outside."

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