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Handed By

Handed By is a Dutch company who is committed to using materials that leave the smallest footprint on the environment like recycled plastics, creating eco friendly products and sustainable gifts that support eco friendly living. It offers regular work to over 300 artisans in Vietnam and China where there is a strong tradition of weaving crafts. They are inspired by the traditional craft of weaving using modern waste materials to create these beautiful 'Up High' planters in a variety of colours that you can be proud to have as part of your modern home decor.

The company has a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility towards each member of the team and regularly meet with them to understand their day-to-day lives and tailor their production accordingly. With guaranteed continual work, often from their own homes, these craftswomen are able to improve their circumstances considerably.

"The Handed By products are giving used-plastics a second chance. We recycle industrial plastic waste into strap material, to create new Handed By bags and basket collections. Waste that would otherwise be thrown away and released into the environment with all its consequences."

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