Shark In The Dark by Peter Bently and Ben Cort

Shark In The Dark by Peter Bently and Ben Cort

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A few essentials

  • Pan Macmillan
  • Ages 0-5
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Featuring colour illustrations

      It’s all in the details

      Down at the bottom of the deep, dark sea, something big, mean and terribly greedy is stirring... The poor fish live in fear of the shark in the dark. They don't want to be his dinner! But then they meet a clever squid, who hatches a plan to teach the shark a lesson once and for all. It involves a shadowy head, a shadowy tail, and a huge amount of teamwork. Can the flustered fish pull it off?

      Mon Pote’s take on this 

      Beautifully illustrated story about friendship and teamwork, a brilliant sentiment for little minds pre-bedtime. Take a look at our full range of books for more stories to add to your child's reading routine here.