Meri Meri Gold Glitter Letter Garland

Meri Meri Gold Glitter Letter Garland

Meri Meri
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Add some sparkle to your party with this glittering gold customisable and reusable letter garland. Easy to assemble and perfect for any occasion! Includes 134 cardboard letters, numbers, spacers, and symbols, 12ft twine and 50 metal clips.


Whether you're spelling out Happy Birthday, Congratulations or something else entirely, no party is complete without one of our beautiful garlands. This one comes with plenty of letters, so you can spell out whatever you want to say in an elegant font, covered in beautiful gold glitter! 
134 cardboard letters, numbers, spacers and symbols
50 gold tone joining pins & gold thread
Gold glitter detail
Letter Height: 102mm
Pack size: 270mm x 120mm x 40mm


The breakdown count is as follows: Six-A's, Three-B's, Three-C's, Three-D's, Six-E's, Three-F's, Three-G's, Three-H's, Four-I's, Two-J's, Two-K's, Four-L's, Four-M's, Four-N's, Four-O's, Four-P's, Two-Q's, Three-R's, Four-S's, Four-T's, Three-U's, Two-V's, Two-W's, Two-X's, Four-Y's, Two-Z's, 4-Stars, 4-Hearts, Two of each number 0-9, Two each of '' && !!, 3 periods, One @ (+10 spacers)