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House Doctor Velour Ornament in Red
House Doctor Velour Ornament in Red

House Doctor Velour Ornament in Red

House Doctor
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House Doctor Velour Ornament Red

A pretty vintage decoration from House Doctor.

A few essentials

    It’s all in the details

    We love these pretty, timeless velour baubles form House Doctor.  House Doctor's Christmas decorations are alawys stunning, evocative of a vintage feel and inject enough glamour into your home while still being subtle. The decoration on this velour bauble adds a vintage feel. 

    Mon Pote’s take on this 

    We look forward to seeing the beautiful collection of Christmas decorations that House Doctor creates each year, always tasteful and a joy to put up in our homes for the festive period. Add a classic touch to your home with this contemporary mistletoe ornament that you'll be able to bring out every year.

    House Doctor is a Danish interiors company who believe they can help you find the perfect furniture and accessories for your home. House Doctor combines Scandinavian design with a hint of cosy bohemian style. Their product range includes a variety of Danish home accessories and furniture in a wealth of colour and textures. All House Doctor products are designed in-house and reflect the personality of the House Doctor brand. House Doctor believes that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them.



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