Devil's Ivy Trailing Plant

Devil's Ivy Trailing Plant

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A few essentials

  • Devil's Ivy - Scindapsis
  • 12 cm pot 
  • Easy care - prefers indirect light but will accept a darker area and/or a sunny window sill (see below)
  • Grows more slowly in less light
  • Water once a week or twice in the summer. 

It’s all in the details

Devil's Ivy is a trailing plant which looks great cascading off a high shelf or when hung in a window from a curtain rail or from a  shower rail.  This is a fairly large sized plant and will grow quickly too, if you are looking for fast, impressive results. 

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Mon Pote’s take on this 

I am a huge lover of Devil's Ivy plants and have four in my house.  One on a darkish landing, two in direct sun (against advice but it doesn't seem to mind) and one in a very light room.  I love the way they trail and grow quickly.  They withstand a bit of underwatering as well as a bit of over watering.  I'm not advising plant abuse but if you forget them sometimes they won't just die on you.