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New in for Spring

Colourful glassware, Scandi candles, rustic planters

We believe, like personal style your home should be dressed to reflected the change in seasons, and we’re very excited to embrace the changing season into Spring 2022 and the transformation of colours it brings.

What does Spring home decor mean? It might mean opting for cute Scandi candles with pastel hues and colours in lilac, baby blue and pink. Embrace cheeky and playful prints in your home such as our cherry Broste cushion covers.

Colourful glassware is big this spring from geometric glass vases to Murano  inspired glasses such as our coloured glass tumblers from Nordal. Of course, plants for Spring is nothing particularly revolutionary, but choosing a stylish planter to place them in is key, whether it’s opaque glass, or 70’s inspired ceramics in mustard to high gloss nudes.

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