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Childlike design and whimsical Interiors

Our 'Neotenic inspired' interior decor trend for Autumn 2022

Ok, so perhaps we're heading into the darker months and we want to avoid it entirely. Maybe you're someone who prefers summer and spring interiors as opposed to darker, earthier winter and autumn interior trends? Then why not embrace Neotenic design when it comes to your interiors - if you're looking for a whimsical, fun, fluffy, colourful and almost retro interior and decor collection, then look no further. 

The term Neotenic design comes from Neoteny a scientific term used to describe the retention of juvenile features in adults and was coined by designer Justin Donnelly after noticing that many of the cute objects he admired had silhouettes and proportions associated with youth. So when decorating your home in a Neotenic style, think cute, fun and young.
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