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Made From Waste

Sustainable homewares are going to be key to our future.  We stock a range of made from waste and sustainable homewares.  We love to celebrate sustainable homeware brands like Redecker and Handed By who take the time to create carefully considered products with sustainability in mind. Whilst many brands have a long way to go in terms of their environmental and social impact, we feel that it's important to recognise any strides forwards and champion those who are making changes for the better.

You’ll find many sustainable homeware brands offering eco friendly products from our homeware and beauty ranges. Many of the items have been made from recycled materials, such as the colourful crates from Aykasa or the glasses and super cosy cotton throws by Bloomingville.

There's Forest Stewardship Council approved oak pieces by Hubsch and brilliant everyday essentials from Goldricks and Holy Water, plus the brilliant Handed By baskets made from recycled plastics and sustainably sourced cinnamon wood. Handed By do not co-operate with heartless manufacturing facilities but directly with the handcrafters; mostly women working from their homes, offering regular work and fair wage and working conditions to around 300 qualified craftswomen.
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