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Bookspeed School of Rock

Bookspeed School of Rock

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Bookspeed School of Rock

This delightful story of a diverse and passionate group of children coming into their own is a must\-have for fans of the film, parents of musical kids, and anyone who s ever stuck it to the man! Series Overview: The films and TV shows that families love are reimagined as lively, colorful picture books featuring the iconic moments and characters of the original. Simple words are paired with a kid\-friendly storybook format that s perfect for bedtime or storytime, plus all\-new illustrations done in classic picture book style to make this series a great way for parents to share their pop culture favorites with a new generation. Though the movie and TV versions came first, you ll wonder if they weren t adaptations of these books, instead of the other way around

Bookspeed School of Rock Essentials 

  • Author: Pop Classic
  • 40 pages

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