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Personal Fragrance

Bon Parfumeur Paris create 100% made in France perfumes, from Bon Parfumeur Paris. Our collection has grown to include 14 gender-free, unisex fragrances to choose from, from their cruelty-free range.   The recycled glass bottles contain 30ml of pure parfum so the fragrance can be used sparingly and lasts much longer than eau de toilette.  Bon Parfumeur fragrances are intended to be layered so you can own a couple and create your very own fragrance wardrobe - what a  lovely thought.  

The fragrances in the grey range are musky colognes, the pink become floral, yellow is fruity, red is spicy, purple is musk, green is woody, brown is aromatic, blue is aquatic and black is special edition.

You will notice a difference between Bon Parfumeur perfume and the synthetic mass-manufactured scents available on the high street.  Our customers return for them again and again and they are a great gift to someone or present to request for yourself when friends and family are asking!  They look as good as they smell too, with a carefully designed 100% recyclable glass bottle plus paper label and box that comes from sustainably managed forests.

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