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Curating Eclectic Homewares

06 Mar 2019

It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decorate. Assemble a collection of homewares together which successfully complement each other can seem like a difficult thing to do, and there can be a tendency to think that everything should match.

Well, we are here to help. Here at Mon Pote we love curating contrasting patterns and materials to create an eclectic mix of products which look beautiful together. And with a few helpful tips, it can be made simple and totally enjoyable.

Creating levels: 

By displaying objects on different heights and levels this can make your homeware collection more visually stimulating to the eye, and your individual objects stand out more.

Colour picking: 
Another easy way of making objects compliment each other is to colour pick. Aim to draw colours from one object and display objects with that same colour alongside them. For instance, an empty windowsill next to a grey sofa with green cushions would look lovely displaying a concrete pot with bright green plant.

Combining textures: 
An effective way of creating an aesthetically pleasing collection of homewares is to combine a range of textures and materials. At Mon Pote we love to display a range of ceramics, glass, rattan, and marble (to name a few) together on our shelves. If you are a fellow plant lover, try mixing up your ceramic plant pot range to include some concrete, polyclay and bamboo.

Here we have a selection of some of the many materials and textures at Mon Pote, to help inspire your homeware collections.

                        Green Marble Shelf £55

                      Textured Bamboo Vase £20










                   Quilted Velvet Cushion £24

                      Brown Glass Dot Vase £26










                 Goose Feather Lightshade £49

                  Textured Glazed Planter £14










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