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Copper Candle Holders by Serax

18 Feb 2015

It seems that every time we add a new product to the site I want to write a blog post about it proclaiming “THIS IS DEFINITELY MY NEW FAVOURITE!!!!”.  I think that comes from the underlying principle of Mon Pote being that we would never sell anything that we wouldn’t absolutely love to have in our own homes.  So, while everything is lusted after,  that makes for tiresome blog posts after a while and I generally try to control myself!

I am making an exception today to say “THIS IS DEFINITELY MY NEW FAVOURITE!!!!”  about these beautiful copper candle holders by Serax – a Belgian interior design and homewares company.  I am not going to say anymore about them, the images below speak for themselves.

I am itching to increase our stock from Serax but I think we will see how these pretty little candle holders are received, to judge your appetite for Sera,x before we go any further (I am not always right!).  So here are the little beauties… we are promised delivery on 10th March, feel free to pre-order as stock is limited